From the wilderness of the Carolinas to the frozen slopes of Colorado, we Nguyens forage through the harshest climates. Come explore as we did.

Trac and his trusty companian, Brian, biking during a visit to North Carolina in 1998. Trac and his best friend, Brian, biking during a visit to North Carolina in 1998. Sometimes we Nguyens bring along someone we feel worthy to keep our company.

Again, Trac and his sidekick, Brian. This time they are traversing the formidable terrain of the Denver mountains.

In 1999, Trang made the journey to the great continental divide in Colorado. As you can see, she is high up in the mountains with little gear on her.

On our 2003 Spring Break, Trang and I ventured to Colorado. This was my first time there, for Trang her third. After a long day of venturing up and down the mountains, we stopped by the Goat Tavern for a drink afterwards. Trang chose the bar for its relation to my Chinese Zodiac sign.

Here is Trang taking a breather during our 2003 trip to Keystone, Colorado.

Here I am, taking a bigger breather as this was my first trip skiing. This was also the most snow I have ever seen.