Welcome to the world of eXtreme Nguyens! Those who know us think of every day people who drive the speed limit and look both ways down a one way street, but we live dangerously by drinking expired milking and looking the wrong way! Feel free to explore this site and see the world that is eXtreme Nguyens!

On the right side of the raft from the bottom up, Trang, me and Trac in the Nantahala River in the summer of 2003.

-The above picture is of my sister, Trang, my brother, Trac and me at the Nantahala River outside of Ashville, North Carolina during the summer of 2003. The rapid this picture was taken at is a class three (out of five).

-The three images on the right of a goat, dragon and rooster are my brother's, sister's and mine Chinese Zodiac symbols.

-This site was created on October 22, 2003.