The Girls





Madeleine Kate Marum

Stylin' Maddie in her sunnys. Madeleine's Easter egg hunt in Virginia. Madeleine's fourth birthday party. Madeleine going to school with her new 'Finding Nemo' lunchbox.

Madeleine was born on September 3, 1999 in Texas. In the last four years she has lived in Chicago, Durham, and Blackstone, Va., or as she said "I lib in Blackstone, Baginia, Bunited States."

Some of Madeleine's favorite things are stickers, butterflies, being read to, being photographed and anything pink. She loves to wear all the pretty dresses she has in her closet and swimming pools, especially Grandma and Grandpa's "hot pool."

She is the first of my parent's grandchildren and has been lavished with attention since the day she was born. Maddie has been quoted saying that "Mummy is the Queen" and "I am the princess" and that they tell "Daddy" what to do.