The Girls





Georgia Lily Brooks

Enthusiastic Georgia blows out the candles so she can eat her cake. Georgie getting into the dog food. Georgie loved the slide so much she wanted to do it again and again. Georgie in the roast pan.

Miss Georgia was born on July 10, 2002 in Blackstone, Va. She was big girl, weighing in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. and is almost the same size as her older sister, Madeleine.

Georgia's absolute favorite thing to do is eat. Second to that, she loves to cuddle. When she is not eating or cuddling she dances around the room, blows kisses, plays in the kitchen cupboards and looks at the pictures in books.

Whereas her Madeleine is cautious, Georgie likes stomp right into things. When we were at the pool shown in the picture above, she loved the slide so much that she would wander off toward the stairs alone; never looking back. She would have walked right into the pool if we would have let her.

I think she is not afraid of anything, except nap time.