Even simpletons who never paid attention to hockey know who "The Great One" is. Wayne was reared as the boy wonder who would revolutionize the game, who followed in the footsteps of a legendary idol whose records he would eventually break. Wayne was to Gordie Howe what many people (not including yours truly) believe about LeBron James and Michael Jordan. A four-time Stanley Cup champion, Wayne set scoring records that will arguably never be broken, especially not in today's watered down NHL. His trade from Edmonton to LA nearly brought all of Canada to mourning, and it was his presence in the South that opened up the game to new markets all over the nation. The Lightning, Panthers, Stars, and all other Sun Belt teams would not even be possible without the influence Wayne had. He's currently the head of the Phoenix Coyotes, and there are always rumors that he plans to make a short comeback, though they often end as soon as they arise.