Don't cringe, Gator fans. Still remember 1998-1999? I sure do. I was there at Ben Hill Griffin the day you hordes waved countless Dillards bags in this guy's face. We all know what happened. This was the first dominant player I got to see once I started college, and I can't even begin to explain how explosive he was. Ever seen his scat-reverse against Louisiana Tech in '99? Go find a clip. Now. Yes, it's popular to point the finger at him regarding his little shopping escapade (Laveranues Coles sure as hell does), but like he said, it's not like he shot the president. Ok, so maybe that wasn't the best response, but give the guy a break. Are your athletes total angels? Thought so. He got robbed of the Heisman Trophy, but was able to counter Michael Vick in the Sugar Bowl to win our second national title. Now, he's stuck in the hell that is Cincinnati with yet another new quarterback in the waiting. People call him a bust, but all he needs is the right system. Jon Gruden, anyone?