Vlad is a guy I followed in the minor leagues and looked forward to seeing for many years once he reached The Show. He hits for power and has the most electric cannon of an arm since a guy named Clemente. I had hoped 2003 would be his MVP season, but injuries early on derailed any chance of that. This is a guy that if he wanted to could set loads of records by the time his career is finished. His contract with the Expos is now up, and some believe Major League Baseball will not let Montreal raise the payroll to keep him long-term. Personally I would love to see him in Yankee pinstripes, but he's a pretty quiet guy who doesn't like to be the center of attention. That is why a lot of insiders seem to think he will stay in the comfortable anonymity of Montreal, or possibly go to Baltimore as a low-key rebuilding piece. Hmm...crab cakes or championships?