Upon coming out of Texas, Ricky Williams had long been one of my favorite football players, pro or college. It is impeccable to find such bruising, hard nosed running from a seemingly quiet individual. Ricky had his share of troubles in New Orleans (Remember the cover of ESPN The Magazine in the wedding dress?), but I think he got an unfair rap. Ok, so trading away your entire draft for one player is ridiculous, but I am flabbergasted when Saints fans actually refer to Ricky as a bust. Sure Deuce McAllister has started his career with a bang, but what team in the NFL save for the Chargers would not want this guy on their team? What I wouldn't give to see him in Buccaneer red and pewter. Ricky has the power and strength to handle up to 30-40 carries a game if necessary, and not one complaint comes out of that dreadlocked brain of his. His lateral ability in the flat makes him an especially dangerous target, one opposing secondaries dread tackling in the open field. Another reason I like Ricky is because he has publically come to terms with his social anxiety disorders, the reason he was so aloof in his early years. I can sympathize with a lot of his worries and insecurities, and it really appealed to me. Ricky Williams defines the phrase " walk softly and carry a big stick" to a tee. Now, if only the Dolphins could build an offense around him. This guy ran for over 1800 yards in 2002 and the Dolphins STILL didn't make the playoffs. Don't worry Miami fans, I won't be harping on your team here. I'll let you be miserable on your own.