When I was young and just a middling player on the basketball team, everyone tried their damnest to be Michael Jordan, whether it was during a game, a practice, or even putting their shoes on. I always picked out #32 when it came time for jersey selections in honor of Magic, the supreme player of the 80's (shared with Larry Bird in some circles). Yeah you Jordanites, I hear you whining. Give him the 90's, littered with six titles and a horrible Looney Tunes movie. No one dominated the flow of a game like Magic did during the Showtime era. At 6'9 he was the tallest point guard in NBA history, and basically invented the triple double. Passing skills like no other and unmatched creativity off the fast break made Magic virtually unstoppable. Unless of course when it came to his ill-fated talk show, which I will admit, I watched occasionally.

Regardless, his passion for the game (we wont mention how his others got him into serious trouble) and absolute respect for it is what I miss most. No wonder why I have not followed much of basketball since his early retirement in 1991. His second stint in the mid-90's was enjoyable, but the game had changed too much for the worse. It's a shame.