Let Love Rule Mama Said Are You Gonna Go My Way? Circus

Classic rock of eras past is alive and well in the form of Lenny Kravitz. Though the New York native clearly channels the gods of Hendrix, Page and Lennon (and has taken much flak for it), his chops and musical credentials have earned him critical and commercial success.

Born in 1964 in New York City, Kravitz carved out a musical pedigree by teaching himself bass, piano, guitar and drums, and stretching his voice in both the California Boys Choir and the Metropolitan Opera. While his first claim to fame was as fellow fashion victim Lisa Bonet's husband in 1985, Kravitz made a name for himself with his 1989 debut album Let Love Rule (Virgin), which showed off his impressive voice and reached the Top 100.

His 1991 sophomore effort, Mama Said (Virgin), proved more consistent and less melodramatic, if equally derivative. The funky "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" hit No.2 as a single, propelling Kravitz into notoriety. 1993's Are You Gonna Go My Way (Virgin) was a hard-rocking success, producing the soulful , laid-back "Let Love Rule" and the blistering title track, a rollicking video that topped the MTV charts for weeks. Circus, Kravitz's 1995 effort, is equally rocking but the funky grooves of his previous albums are buried in a more classic rock sound. Kravitz is also known for his work as a producer, collaborating with Madonna on her smash hit "Justify My Love." In 1998, Kravitz's aptly titled fifth album, 5, was released on Virgin. The album is hailed as Kravitz's most "urban accessible" CD to date. In 2001 he released "Lenny", a fine album with eclectic guitar riffs and sound production once you look past the ambiguitiy of the first single "Dig In".

-Rolling Stone

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