Depending on your experience and preference, you can use a disposable, basic film, SLR or digital camera to scrapbook.

My boyfriend (Judd) overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona in June 2003.  Click more pictures. I use a basic film camera, but I plan on investing in a digital camera soon. The money I spend on film and processing adds up.

The point is: Get a camera that will suit your needs. Disposable cameras sacrifice control for convenience. Basic film cameras require processing at labs, which takes at least an hour. Digital cameras are instantaneous, you can keep the picture or delete it.

No matter what camera you choose, the key to taking better pictures is to improve your skills. Here's the basics:

  • natural light is usually better than indoor light
  • take both vertical and horizontal shots
  • take both posed and candid shots (Judd didn't know I was taking the above picture while he was admiring the Grand Canyon)
  • fill the frame with related information (avoid empty space)
  • don't always place subjects in the center of the shot (Judd is off-center in the above picture)

Of course, there's photography guide books and courses. But try using the Internet first. has great picture-taking tips.

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