Before you even layout your first page, you have to choose a scrapbook. Hallmark, Michaels and locally owned Sunflower Scrapbooks carry the elaborate to the simple.

Think of the purpose of the scrapbook. Is it for your family, friends or professional life? For example, don't choose a feminine-looking book if you plan to scrapbook about your professional or athletic life.

Also, open the scrapbook. Is there enough room for the amount of scrapbooking you plan to do?

Buy the basic scrapbook materials: scissors, a gluestick and colorful pens or markers. Think of the occassion or event you'll be scrapbooking, and buy corresponding paper.

For example, if it's a birthday party, buy bright paper and ballon stickers. Or, consider buying a birthday-themed packet, which includes multiple pages, stickers and cut-outs. Michaels has a large collection.

Step 2: Taking pictures
Step 3: Page design and layout

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