The problem

We've all gone on vacations and taken pictures. Maybe you'll develop them a few weeks later and put them in a shoe box in your closet.

My boyfriend (Judd) and I overlook the Grand Canyon in Arizona in June 2003.  Of course, I scrapbooked this great view.  Click for more pictures. But by the time spring cleaning comes around, you don't remember when, where or why these pictures were taken.

The solution

If that sounds like your experience, you should consider scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a simple and creative way to record memories.

I started about three years ago. As time passes, you really appreciate each scrapbook entry more and more. I scrapbook almost everything now.

The details

There are three major steps to scrapbooking: Choosing a scrapbook and materials, taking pictures and page design and layout. Skip around if you already feel comfortable with a step.

Step 1: Choosing a scrapbook and materials
Step 2: Taking pictures
Step 3: Page design and layout

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