Where I go

Access to news is ever increasing: print newspapers, magazines, online media, e-mail updates, mobile phones and more.

A day doesn't go by I don't read the news. I usually read The Gainesville Sun for local and national news and go online to BBC News for world news. I also visit The Guardian Unlimited, a British online newspaper, for world and European news.

My favorite news Web sites:

Making news

As an intern for The Sun during the summer of 2003, I was on the other side and reported news. However, I still report, and even analyze news on my weblog (blog for short).

"Blog what?" you say. According to Rebecca Blood, author of "The Weblog Handbook": Blogs empower people to share information. Blogs build reputations. Blogs keep families and friends in touch. And blogs allow people to express themselves.

They are always in reverse chronological order, updated frequently and, most importantly, link to other Web sites.

Yeah, that all sounds nice. But, you won't really understand the impact of this new medium until you actually visit blogs.

Blog this

So why not start out at my blog, World Watch. World Watch explores coverage and design of international online media.

I know, it's about news. But there are plenty of blogs out there that focus on entertainment, sports, hobbies and more.

They are easy to find. For example, search Google for "sport blogs" if you like sports.

Also, many blogs have a comment service, which allow visitors to comment on the blog.

So go out there and explore the wonderful world of weblogs. Have fun.

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