KrisLand is...

My dad (Paul), me, mom (Dawn) and brother (Brennan) at UCF in August 2003.  Click for more pictures. An intellectual hub. International issues, politics and media spark my brain and make me blog.

A creative guide. Photography, friends and fun are the ingredients for a great scrapbook.

A stress reliever. Yoga can sharpen your mind and body.

As you may have guessed, those are my hobbies. Reading the news, scrapbooking and practicing yoga top my priority list when I have free time.

My goal is to show you how those three hobbies can develop your knowledge, creativity and strength.

I'm pretty busy as an undergraduate senior in online media at the University of Florida. I became interested in online media and politics as a research assistant for Lynda Lee Kaid, the senior associate dean for the graduate division at the College of Journalism and Communications.

In fact, I like research so much I'm applying for journalism graduate school at UF. Hopefully, I'll be in Gainesville for another few years.

For now, enjoy exploring my world of news, scrapbooking and yoga.

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