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My sister, Toni.  Isn't she gorgeous?This is my big sister Toni on my 21st Birthday. She took me to dinner at Stonewood Bar and Grill. During my freshman year, my sister and I were roommates. I can honestly say that during the whole year that we lived together we only fought once. We had our disagreements here and there but for the most part she was always there to help me get adjusted to college life. It was nice having a family member around during times when I was homesick.
My best friend, Erin.  This was during her senior year.This is my best friend, Erin, before leaving for prom during her senior year of high school which is why she looks really young in this picture. She has become more like a sister to me. I think the world would be a better place if everyone could find the kind of friend I have found in Erin. She is caring, considerate, thoughtful and funny.
My best friend, Samara.My best friend Samara and I met in the summer of 2001 while working as resident assistants in Beaty Towers East. During that summer, we quickly realized that we had a lot of things in common. We were both in our second year and interestingly enough lived about ten minutes away from each other. We went to rival high schools. I am exactly one month older than she is. We quickly became friends for many other reasons. We had the kind of friendship where we always called each other before making any plans. However, during the last few months we have slowly grown apart. If I could change anything about the friendships I have had in the past, it would be to work harder at keeping in touch with Samara.
This is my Friend Marleni.This is my Friend Marleni. Isn't she adorable? She's also single, can you believe it? Here she is striking a pose in my room just before along group project meeting. Marleni and I met during our first year at UF. We took a class together and I convinced her to change her major to public relations. We have had several classes together in the last two years but we always have the best time outside of the classroom. I can never stop laughing when we hang out. Marleni always wants to do something fun, exciting and creative.
Robyn and CheriseThis is my friend Robyn and I before going to the UF President's House for a reception. We were invited along with atleast 50 other students for various contributions to UF. The President's house is rather beautiful and I was honored to be invited because only a chosen few are actually invited inside.
Cherise and Charles Young, UF's 10th President.Charles Young is UF's 10th President. This picture was taken at a reception at the President's house in Spring '03. President Young and his wife were gracious and willing to take pictures with several of the students in attendance. I jumped at the chance to snap a picture for the scrapbooks.
The BIG 21 at TGIFCelebrating my 21st birthday with some of the girls at dinner. Pictured from left to right: (top row)Adri, Laura, Samara and Nathalie. Bottom Row: Lauren, Melissa, Cherise and Shivonne.
Cherise and Robyn at the UF President's house in Spring '03.Robyn and I are sitting on the President's back patio next to the pool. Robyn and I met our freshman year in high school. I am always grateful that even through the years we are still friends especially after I convinced her to change to public relations she is still my friend. In the eight years that we have gone to the same school, we have had at least one class together. Some semester we have been fortunate to help each other out in more than one class. She is what I would consider a "true blue" friend.
Springs Staff strikes a pose after bowling a few strikes.This is the Spring Staff 2003 after a long week of training. We decided to go out to dinner and then go bowling which turned out to be a good time. After spliting up and playing against each other, I decided that I should make sure I'm on Neville's team the next time we play. Who really bowls 4 strikes in a row anyways?
Gatorship 2003 crew.This picture was taken at the Gatorship Reunion in Spring 2003. Two years ago, I had the idea of putting together a leadership and diversity retreat for UF students. After speaking with the Dean of Students, I teamed up with another student, Sergio, who promised to see our dream come true. Two years later, Gatorship is now a UF tradition and it is quickly growing in leaps and bounds. We are currently planning Gatorship 2004 for the spring semester and we have gotten an overwhelming response. Now that I am a senior, I can look back at the things I have accomplished during my career at UF. I can definitely say that seeing Gatorship become so successful has been my most meaningful experience. Some people doubted us, but I am forever grateful for those who stuck by me and helped to make this a possibility.
Erik This is a former resident of mine, Erik "Jumpman" Rodriguez. Erik is also a former member of the UF Track and Field team. During my years as a resident assistant, I have enjoyed my contact with athletes and non-atheletes. I find that the athletes are often times misunderstood because most students think they have it easy. I for one would never want to be in their shoes and deal with their early morning practice times and having to miss out on so many things.

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