My Family
My Family
Summer 2003
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My family is quite small, but with the forming of new relationship and maintaining of old ones, my "family," has grown quite rapidly.

My Mom My mom has been my main source of strength and life. She is the reason I am alive today. I know that there are people my age who say, "I hope I never turn out like my mom or dad." I continuously strive to be just like her. I know that if I am even half the woman she is, I can then consider myself truly successful. She is my inspiration and my rock. The fact that she continues to love me even with all my faults is a miracle in itself. I know that I have made her proud, but I hope that she will always be proud of the person I have become. I am proud of the person she is striving to be.

She single-handedly raised two daughters and sacrificed so much to give us everything we needed and wanted. She always made sure she was involved in our lives, attending PTA meetings, Open House and teachers' conferences. She was never afraid to contact a teacher if she thought that we were being treated unfairly or if she felt we were not being challenged enough.

What makes my mom so great is that she has always challenged me to be myself. She showed me the importance of being dependable even when others were not so dependable. Mom taught me to always give 110 percent in relationships even with the risk of being hurt. This is a lesson that has caused me some pain yet allowed me to have many wonderful relationships in my life. It has given me the confidence to end relationships when necessary and watch the pitiful expressions on people's faces when they realize they've lost something good. (Not to sound conceited or anything). There are a few friends that I have lost touch with in the last few months. I regret not being able to keep in touch and spend time with them.

My sister Toni has always been, "the favorite," or so I thought during those awful pre-teen years. During those days, nothing really made sense and I fought with everyone because I thought it was, "me against the world." My sister and I fought constantly, but one day the fighting just stopped. I wouldn't say that we don't have our "disagreements" now and then, but for the most part the fighting has ceased.

Now she has become what I would call my "sister-friend." She is still my sister, but Toni has now become one of my best friends. She is one of those reliable people my mom has taught me to become. I know that no matter what she will always be there for me. She has become a perfect reflection of my mother (loving, caring, kind, nurturing, forgiving and strong-willed), yet still on my level.

Toni is currently a first-year graduate student at the University of Florida, where she also earned her undergraduate degree in May 2003.

Erin Erin is what I would like to call an amazing friend. Do you want to know what makes an amazing friend? An amazing friend is anyone who is willing to drive you around for almost two years because you don't have a car. I have a car now so I get to drive her around which is kind of nice to pay her back. An amazing friend is anyone who makes deviled eggs because you have to go to a potluck and don't have time to do it yourself. The deviled eggs were the talk of the party. A month later, people still keep asking me for the recipe. Anyone who listens to you complain about the most random things that occur from day-to-day is a friend you should always keep. She is one of the few friends that I have who is reliable and unselfish.

Erin and I are both public relations majors. We met about two years ago when we for some strange reason had three out of four classes together. I don't know what happened but for some reason a lot of our friends knew each other and there began the web of connections. I have no idea how we did not met before that semester. As you can imagine we started spending way too much time together and one day we had a HUGE fight. We had just gotten out of a class and for some reason we were annoyed at each other because we had been seeing each other too much during class, group projects and not to mention the several calls we made to each other daily. Before I knew it we were screaming at each other while people passed by staring at us. I am proud to say that was our one and only fight. We realize that even though we might annoy each sometimes we also balance each other out. There are several things that we understand about each other which make our friendship work. We know that there are other friends in our lives so we are unselfish in sharing our time with others. I think that is why we make such good friends.

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