Red the dog says "Why do you want to leave all the fun on Steve's site!?!"

Here are a number of good websites to keep you busy if you are tired of mine:

University of Florida
See the website of the University of Florida. Go Gators!!

Warrington College of Business
This is the college of Business at the University of Florida.

The Independant Florida Alligator- Online
See the website I put hours of work into weekly, we are planning a redesign for spring so keep checking back.

Wired Magazine
A online counterpart of the magazine for technologically savvy people.

Ebaums World
This is a crazy site the is a great resource for useless things. Check it out.

Web Color Library
A great tool for webdesigners.

EBAY Online Auctions
You would be surprised how many great deals I've found here. Just be careful!
Miss SportsCenter today? See this comprehensive Sports site.

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