The ambitious student's...

College was definately a scary notion to me two years ago. I came to the University of Florida not knowing a singe soul. Diane, Nicole and I express our extreme hotness as we frolic in the sun at Cocoa Beach.  We drove up to the beach for our first road trip together Freshman year. My father convinced me to live in the Ivy House, which is an all female dorm off campus. Trust me, that didn't work out quite as I hoped it would. But it did however give me the chance to meet my current two roomates, Diane Beaver and Nicole Davidson. Yes, Diane's real last name is Beaver. The three of us bonded while stuck in that house of 85 women. It also reminded me why I didn't join a sorority. There was drama every day, crazy women that lived next door and bathrooms that were always occupied for hours. All we had to cook our food with was a microwave, and I'm still hoping that it hasn't given me cancer. Catalina, J.K. and I dressed up as thugs on a whim before a party.  Unfortunately, some of the guys at the party didn't appreciate J.K.'s attire and we had to leave early.  It was still a great night though. But Diane, Nicole and I survived through the cockroaches and cramped rooms. Today we live in a nice apartment, although our rooms are still cramped. But what is important to recognize is that if we can make it through the Ivy House, and still be friends, then we can make it through anything.

Over the years our group of friends have expanded. Nicole has met about a million people for Diane and I.My roomates and my three closest friends from W.L.C. joined me at a house party.  We definately stole all the attention when we posed for this picture. She is definately the most outgoing of the three. Diane has been used as our bait for boys. Whenever we go out and want to meet people, we tell her to dress up and reel them in for us. I have remained stable as the quiet one when we go out, and the loud one when we stay in.

I met my other close friends through the Women's Leadership Council. Catalina, Natasha and Heather have become the closest to me from the council. We are planning a trip to see John Mayer in November (who, in case you didn't know, I am going to marry).My best friend from high school, Liz Gordon, came from Kansas to visit me this summer.  We practiced our dance moves before heading out to Simon's nightclub and dancing the night away. We have also done some pretty crazy things. We've dressed up as thugs for a party, thrown a keger in honor of summer break and watched our rockstar friend, J.K., jam at his concerts. Overall, it's been an amazing journey with all of my college friends. I'm so glad that I took the chance and moved to Florida for school. Otherwise, I would have missed out on some great people.

"A true friend is someone who still thinks you're a good egg, even though they know you are slightly cracked."

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