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My mom and I pose for a quick picture during my birthday lunch at Olive Garden.  My parents drove four hours to see me on my 19th birthday.There are five of us that compile the Ede family. We've been all over the place. From New Jersey to Kansas and back. Yet one thing through all the changes has remained the same: We are family. I have to say congratulations to my parents who just celebrated their 30-year anniversary. That is an amazing accomplishment today, and they both deserve nothing but the best.

My mom and dad have always been extremely supportive parents. They have given me the tools necessary for me to succeed. Whether it was money, encouragement or just a hug, I could always count on them to be there. For example, they drove four hours total to spend my 19th birthday with me because I didn't have many friends my freshman year in college. Unfortunately, since they have moved to Ft. Myers and are farther away, I haven't gotten to see them as much.

My brother, Scott, and sister, Amy, also live far away, and it is hard for us all to get together very often. Amy came down for a short visit this summer, but it definately wasn't long enough. My sister and I did get to go to Clearwater Beach during her visit though. When we were wading in the ocean a school of about 50 fish decided to jump out of the water right at us. I got smacked on the back with a foot-long fish while my sister just screamed and laughed at me. It was definately a classic family moment. I promise to post some pictures of Amy and Scott as soon as we can all get together again.

The Ede family poses for a picter at Uncle Dave's 60th birthday roast.Another family memory was made the summer of 2002. My uncle Dave celebrated his 60th birthday with a roast by family and friends. My parents and I went to Orlando to help the rest of the Ede family hurl offensive jokes at him. It was halarious to see him sit in a chair and turn beet red from the comments. My brother and sister couldn't make it to the event, but it was still a good time had by all.

The extra two members of my family are my dog, Chloe, and my cat, Chanel. My dog is living with my brother in Houston right now. She is an English Springer Spaniel, and is one of the most intelligent, gentle animals I have ever known. I know I might be biased because she is my dog, but if you buy a Springer Spaniel you will understand. She also loves to chase the reflection from flashlights. Chloe and Chanel take an afternoon nap in our apartment in Tampa.She will spend hours sitting outside of a closet just because she thinks the flashlight might be in there. It's immensely entertaining. Chanel, who is 16 years old, has become a quiet house cat after years of being an aggressive outdoors feline. She can actually be attributed with potty training me. I know it sounds odd, but when I was 3 years old she would wake me up in the middle of the night to let her outside. After I let her out, I would go to the bathroom and quickly became potty trained. For all those parents out there who spend all that money on potty-training books, don't waste your money. Buy a cat.

"'Cause all I need is my friends and family to believe in me."
-Trick Turner

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