The journey at a glance...

My full name is Kristin Diane Elizabeth Ede, and I am the last of three siblings. My mother chose to give me two middle names because I was the last kid and she knew she had to use all her favorite names on me. I was born on Nov. 2, 1982 in Princeton, N.J. I have one brother, Scott, and one sister, Amy.This picture was taken of me when I was 4.  You have to love that frilly dress that my mom made me wear. Scott works for the United Space Alliance in Houston, TX. He's literally a rocket scientist, and has applied to go work for N.A.S.A. in Russia. I know that it is an amazing opportunity for him, but my selfish side hopes he'll stay. My sister lives in Overland Park, Kan. with her husband Brad, and she is a dental hygentist assistant. She tries to come out and visit as much as possible, but life always has a funny way of getting in the way. My parents, Ed and Cindy, have recently moved to Ft. Myers and are absolutely loving it.

Now that you know about my family, here's where I've been. After living in Princeton for four years, we moved to Allentown, Pa. The town is just like Billy Joel describes it: A small town that used to be the center of the steel industry. I loved my childhood there. I grew up playing in the cornfields, watching the northeastern leaves change every fall and making snow angels in six feet of snow. We lived in a neighborhood that used to be a horse farm, and our house was set on an acre of land with a forest behind it. The neighbors, Pat Barret and Eric Kirschner, and I were constantly outdoors playing. This picture was taken on my sixth birthday in Allentown.And even though I never married either one of them like I promised when we were young, we all still keep in contact.

When I was 12 we left Allentown and moved to Leawood, Kan. It was a huge change for me and took me two years to adjust to living on the plains. Life in the Midwest is definately different, but I have to admit that the food, especially the steak, is amazing. I left my ugly years, I mean middle school, in 1997. My attire in middle school consisted of braces and flannel shirts. I also used to wear socks and sandals. Fortunately I started to dress better when I became a student at Blue Valley North High School. I finally found my niche there. I played volleyball, threw the javelin in track, was the photo-editor for two years on the yearbook staff, made honor roll all four years and joined the National Honors Society. I also had a job working at Natural Way, a clothing store for older women. We sold Flax, incense and funky jewelry. As you can imagine, that was quite an experience. High school was definately all that it was cracked up to be. My group of friends was amazing, and always knew how to throw a party. There were costume and prom parties at the Wassermans' house, graduation parties with sumo wrestling and a fantastic trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Although it was hard to leave my friends behind in Kansas, I was ready to move on and build a new life for myself at college. In August 2001 I became a Florida Gator. I am currently a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in business. I joined the Women's Leadership Council during my sophomore year, and have become the director for a new project titled Artistic Reflections Today. Check out the progess that A.R.T. has made over the last two years. In between school and my extracurricular activites, I have met some amazing people here in Gainesville. My roomates, Diane Beaver and Nicole Davidson, have provided me with countless hours of entertainment. We have been through it all together. From spontaneous trips to the beach to late night pigout sessions. We have truly become family to eachother. Take a look at some pictures of our times together in my college photo gallery. I plan to graduate from the University of Florida in the year 2005.

Well that is about it. My life has been extremely full and blessed in my 21 years. And I have learned above all, that it is definately the little things that make life worth while.

"Take all that you can from life and live it to the fullest, so that when death comes like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left to steal." -Unknown

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