We're not here for a long time,

We're here for a good time

A Page by Craig Dawson

I remember sitting down with my dad a few days before school started for my freshman year at the University of Florida. We were sitting at a picnic table next to the HUB when he said something that has stuck with me during my time at UF. He told me, "Craig, these are the best four years of your life." It's something you hear all the time. You probably hear it so often, in fact, you let the words float by without really sinking in. Before you know it, though, you're looking through your pictures one day in the middle of your junior year, and you realize those words made a lot of sense...and your four years have now turned into just one. So here's to the best years of my life. The ridiculous trips. The days in the Swamp and the late nights out...and one more year to remember.

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