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My Surfboard
Katie and I stand with our boards.
My roomate Katie and I stand with our boards at St. Augustine Beach. The day was so cold, our toes are curled in this picture.
My first and only board to date is a seven foot, two inch "fun shape". Fun shapes are the easiest boards to learn on, because they are larger than short boards, which makes them more buoyant, but they are not as large as longboards. Longboards start at nine feet and can be difficult to maneuver in the water, not to mention lug down the beach.

My boyfriend, who taught me to surf, made this board for me from scratch. I actually learned a lot from him about the process of shaping boards. First he had to order what they call a "blank" from Clark Foam, the only supplier of the styrofoam inners from which all boards were made. I say "were," because in the past few years, TUFLITE boards by Surftech, machine-made and much more durable, have become available and quite popular. They have more of a cookie-cutter look and are more expensive. But they are lighter than traditional boards, and they definitely seem more adept to handling the wear and tear of surfing.

Copyright 2003 Laura J. Davis
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