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My Family

My Parents

From left on the far row: Me, my mom, Pe-Pa, and some of his friends.  Near row from left: Scott, Richard (Scott's stepfather) and Aunt Margaret enjoying Pe-Pa's 87th birthday party at Manni's German Restaurant

I am the first of the three sons that the marriage of Donald and Rose Davis has produced. My dad had a son and a daughter before me, and has five children in all. I am the first of my mom's three sons. My dad is semi-retired. He works part-time for a company that runs expos all over Florida. My mom is an elementary school P.E. teacher. My parents are my role models. They have taught me everything, from the importance of hard work to a love of sports and the active lifestyle. They are very different from each other, but I feel that their diversity has enriched the lives of my brothers and I. They have been married for over 20 years.

My Brothers and Sister

I have two brothers, a half-brother and a half-sister. My youngest brother Dan, 17, is a senior at Fort Myers High School. He plays baseball for the Green Wave, and also likes to fish and play other sports. He may be the best all-around athlete in the family, but in his own mind he is unquestionably the boss of himself and everyone around him. He hopes to attend UF in the fall of 2004. Andy is 19 and plays baseball at Lake-Sumter Community College in Leesburg, Fla. He may continue playing baseball next year or he may attend UF, depending his success on the baseball diamond this year. Andy is the popular, well-liked one in the family, and may be the best athlete. My brothers and I are close in age, have the same general interests and, in a fairly recent development, get along pretty well.

I am also close to my older half-siblings (for lack of a better term). My oldest brother Steve is an accountant in Fort Myers. Steve is a hard worker and recently bought his first house. Whereas Andy, Dan and I love to fish, Steve loves to hunt. My sister Stephanie is a hot-shot accountant in Atlanta. Accounting runs on my dad's side of the family, so my verbal skills must come from my mom's side (my maternal grandfather was a reporter in Germany). She graduated from UF and has been very successful. She and her husband, also named Steve, are expecting their first child, a boy, in January 2004. I only get to see Stephanie about twice a year, but to me she is a prime example of someone to model your life after.

My Extended Family

First I need to mention my cousin Scott, who is like a fourth brother to me. Scott is 16, uber-popular and is recovering from a bout with mono. Hang in there Scott, and next time, be careful. Scott's mother, my Aunt Margaret, is my mom's sister. My lone surviving grandparent is my 87-year-old maternal grandfather, who we call Pe-Pa. Pe-Pa's life is a story in itself, and I just recently read his autobiography. He was a German soldier in WWII and emigrated to America after the war with my recently deceased grandmother. He has had more adventures and close-calls in his lifetime than my brothers and I will probably ever have in ours. Pe-Pa is a remarkable man, and still ticking at 87.

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