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Friends Forever

My mother always told me that after high school, I would not even remember some of the people I used to hang out with. She always wanted me to focus on school and on my future. While I thank her for keeping me focused, there were a few girls who were always there for me. High school could be hell sometimes, but these chicas were there every step of the way: my cousin Crystal, Ty-yana, Ornella, Nancy, Shadwa, Rifk and Cristina. I will talk about Ty-yana and Ornella on this page.

Ty-yana: I first met Tee in the sixth grade. We had the same boots on, which made us immediately respect each other’s keen fashion sense. The first time I was allowed to go to someone’s house after school, it was Ty-yana’s house that I went to. Ty-yana was extra-cool back then because she had a swimming pool overlooking the bayou. Tee and I were best friends after that first afternoon. We would eat Ramen noodles after school and watch music videos and practice our dance moves. We would giggle by the pool and share secrets. As time passed, Tee and I would be there for each other through first jobs, first boyfriends, learning how to drive, Homecoming and Prom, and finally graduation. Ty-yana is currently studying at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,

Ornella: I met Ornella in the sixth grade also. She and Tee were neighbors and best friends. At first, Ornella did not like me because Tee and I were getting closer. Then one day, she invited me to her house and we became inseparable from that day on. Ornella and I shared lazy days of going to the beach, jumping on her trampoline and making plans for the future. Ornella and I sang at talent shows and made Spanish Club one of the best clubs at Rutherford High School while we were there. Our friendship saw us throughout middle school, high school, and graduation.
It also shined through new triumphs, like the birth of Ornella’s daughter, Nadia.

A New Friend
Roberson and I I met Roberson in Spring 2002. We started out as great friends and I am happy to say that we still are wonderful friends. We began dating on August 19, 2002. Rob is a great blessing in my life and has made me a happier person.


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