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Ohhhh…. (spraying air freshener) Hello! I didn’t see you there. You have reached the homepage of the one and only Ashley Anne Cisneros. Welcome!
Kick off your shoes and venture into my world….
My name is Ashley Cisneros. Currently I am a 20-year-old Mexican-American (Chicana) student at the University of Florida.
I am majoring in Journalism (Magazines) and am minoring in Sociology.
Hopefully I will be out of Gator Country in December 2004.

I could have chosen to do my homepage on any topic. I could have written about all the things I consider to be great accomplishments. I could have posted up my resume and bragged about everything under the sun. But I don't believe that we, as people, can do anything without the support system we have of friends and family. They are with us when we are sick, they are with us when we win big. This homepage is for my loved ones, my foundation.
Enjoy your stay.


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