Rocco's Leaky Faucet

Here's some links that I like and you might too: - A great place to find out about lucid dreaming. If you ever wanted to control your own dreams, check it out!

Morr Music - A music label where you will find many talented artists who bridge the gab between electronic and organic music. Don't know what I'm talking about? Follow the link and find out.

Propellerhead Software - Propellerhead is the maker of Reason, a very powerful piece of music software. Go to their page to download a demo and you can pretend you have thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The Guardian - An international news site that is based in Great Britain. They provide a good perspective on international news.

The Onion - A good fake news site that should make you laugh, especially if you keep up with the top stories circulating in the media.

We Are The Music Makers - A great site for finding out information about electronic artists on Warp Records.


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