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Boxx's Benediction

My baptism. Over the summer of 2003 I reached a point in my life when I realized my entire existence was shallow. My ambitions, goals and relationships were all meaningless. I was trapped in a life of sin with no way to escape.

That is when I cried out to the God of Heaven and Earth to answer my longing heart. I prayed that he would show me a life of subtance. I promised to serve him if he would show me a group of believers who truely sought after him and were not hypocrites trying to appeize their consciences.

Disciples praying. Within a week of that prayer a brother named Greg Heard approached me on campus and asked me about my convictions on following the Lord. He invited me to attend a service at the Gainesville Christian Church and to study the Bible with him. It soon became clear to me that this was a church of disciples who truely lived their lives by the standards of the Bible and placed God first in their lives.

I was baptised a couple of weeks later and my life will never be the same. I now know a peace and joy that passes all understanding. I can rely on the hope that is Jesus Christ, and that hope does not dissapoint. I have left behind the world of partying and meaninglessness for a life of fullfillment.

GCC logo. The Gainesville Christian Church is body of amazing beleivers unlike any other chuch I have ever been to. The people honestly love God with all of their heart and do not just "play" church. If you would like to see what God has to offer you just drop me an email


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