Welcome To Monticello

Monticello, Fla. - barely a dot on the state map, yet widely known for its caring community and true Southern living.

Monticello, the county seat of Jefferson County, is neatly situated between Tallahassee, Madison and Perry, and rests next to the Georgia state line. It is home to approximately 3,000 people, with many more citizens living outside the city limits. Monticello's home to very few fast food chains and several home-owned businesses, retaining a relaxed, friendly air.

Jefferson County has two facets that make it distinct in the state of Florida. One, the entire county is free of red lights. Yes, there are caution lights and Stop signs, but no red lights. You can coast through town barely touching your break pedal! Secondly, the county is the only one in the state that stretches from the Georgia line to the Gulf of Mexico.

The County Courthouse sits directly in the center of Highways 90 and 19. If you're driving through town on either of these roads, you will have to "circle" the courthouse! The historic downtown area is known for its beautiful antebellum houses and neighborhoods, and draws numbers of people each year during the Watermelon Festival. The people of Monticello are always ready with a handshake or a hug, and will drop everything to help out a neighbor in need. I believe you won't find a more caring environment anywhere else.

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