Small Town Joys:
Things You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Whenever I take friends from UF home to Monticello for a visit, certain things amaze them about the town. Several of these idiosyncrasies are common to smaller towns, yet some are indigenous to Monticello alone.

Monticello Milling's Chicks

In my town, you can set up charge accounts at all of the local businesses. For instance, I'll run down to Stewart's BP to get the oil in my car changed and the tires rotated. All I have to do is pull up, wave hello to whomever's working and tell them what I need done, leave my keys in the car, and catch a ride from someone heading in the direction I need to go, if I don't feel like waiting. I'll come back at the appointed time, chat for a while, then hop in my car and drive off. "What about payment?" you ask. Payment? The guys at Stewart's know to put whatever I've had done on my daddy's account.

Monticello Milling - My Family's Business

Another great example of a small town joy is how I drove to get my operator's license when I turned 16. I was driving my birthday present, a 1994 Explorer, and only had a learner's permit, but when the woman at the desk asked where my parents were, I said my mom was on her way. With a grin, I filled out the paper work, snapped a horrid picture, gave my mom a hug, and was on my merry way. You see, even if I had been stopped by a law enforcement officer, I know them all and they know me, and if there had been a problem, they would've just called my parents and joked around about irresponsibility or something along those lines.

If you plan on walking around town for exercise, plan on smiling and talking to at least half a dozen people who are going to stop and ask if you need a ride somewhere. That's just how it works, which is great if you really are broken down somewhere down the road! Kids around town hop in vehicles with their friends, friend's parents, parent's friends, relatives, friend's get the point. We are cautious, even though it's a very safe community, but it is nice to see a friendly face around every corner.

Finally, there is one other unique thing about small towns - lawn mowers, golf carts and four-wheelers are acceptable modes of transportation through town. True, there's not many of them, but if you need to make a quick run in, hey, why not?

I only have one thing to say - you really need to visit and witness it for yourself!

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