Some Things Never Change

In this day and age of urbanization and technological advances, the art of caring communications between people is slowly being forgotten. The days of "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Leave It To Beaver" are being replaced with a more contemporary lifestyle.

My Little Brother's Catch of the Day Mudbogging Monticello-Style

While I certainly enjoy modern conveniences, there is something to be said for the way things used to be. Perhaps I realize this more than some of my peers because I grew up in a "Mayberry" town, where people still show how much they care about their neighbor and things move as "slow as molasses."

Even in such an idyllic setting, though, there is much to be said about small town politics. The following links provide a guide for those unfamiliar with just how a small town operates and elaborates on the many enjoyable aspects of living in one. Only a miniscule amount of my favorite memories are expounded upon as well. They may sound farfetched but there are no exaggerations whatsoever in these pages.

Welcome To Monticello... A brief description of Monticello.
Small Town Etiquette... These guidelines will get you off to a safe start.
Aucilla Christian Academy... Visit my high school, home of the Carpetdome.
Small Town Joys... There are some things big cities lack.

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This site, constructed by Mary Beth Bishop, is intended to be a humorous account of 18 years spent in Monticello, Fla. However, while it is amusing, there is verifiable truth in what is written. Enjoy!