Chalet Partager

Megan VandeKerckhove
AP English III
Description Paper
October 1, 1995

The cool, crisp air that burns the lungs with each deep breath, the bare limbs of trees that contrast their surrounding of pure white snow, and, most of all, the silence that pervades with only scattered thoughts and a heartbeat to be heard. Set upon the mountainside with a panoramic view of a deep prosperous valley a chalet of comfort and pleasure stands. It is called Chalet Partager, French for a chalet to be shared with friends and family. In the summer it abounds in beautiful foliage and a garden with sunflowers as high as a small child. In winter it becomes a memorable destination of escape from a life of pressure and frustration.

To the north lies the frozen Georgian Bay on which small huts containing ice fisherman huddled around a small opening in the ice. To the south and west the Great Lakes separate this heaven-like atmosphere from Michigan. Its sanctity of surroundings are like no other. In the morning the sun's warmth is held back by billowing, gray clouds that release their bounty of snowflakes throughout the day. In the afternoon the layers upon layers of snow glisten like thousands of small crystals.

At night the temperature can fall ten to twenty degrees below freezing. When taking a walk to the end of the street on a clear night beauties can be seen unlike anything ever dreamed. Above the snow-capped treetops the sky holds thousands upon thousands of glistening stars. The constellations dance across the blackness of night, and, sometimes, a shooting star can be seen darting across the sky. On rare occasions the northern lights put on a display of color and delight. As the walk continues the snow crunches with each step, and in the distance snow is being made on the nearby ski slopes can be heard. The frail snowflakes rest lightly upon the surroundings covering clothing and exposed skin. With a deep breath the sense of smell comes alive. Natural perfumes released by pine trees are some of the sweet pleasurable aromas mixed with the slightest hint of smoke billowing from chimneys.

Although the outside of the chalet is an enjoying experience, the very cold temperature allows only a minimal amount of time before fingers and toes become frozen. That is why it is so wonderful to return to the warmth within the chalet and sit before a huge fireplace. To most the heat is unbearable, but to those who have returned from the freezing air, it is a soothing warmth.

Now you may be asking yourself, where is this wonderful place? Chalet Partager is set in Ontario, Canada. It takes three hours by plane plus a three-hour drive or a two-day drive to get there. It is worth the time and the money, as it may be, to be able to stay at such a place. Unfortunately, Chalet Partager is only open to family and friends at the base price of gathering firewood or preparing a meal once in a while. No city bustle, no deadlines, no trouble. There is only peace and the irritating thought that you will have to eventually leave.


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