Over Spring Break last year, I went up to Dartmouth College to visit my friend Ronit. This picture was taken at a fraternity formal we attended while I was there. I absolutely loved the dress I got to wear ... I just wish it was mine, and not someone else's! I had to borrow it from one of Ronit's friends. Our dates brought us beautiful flowers!

Ann ran her first 5K with me last fall. The race was called "Run with the Big Dogs," and it was a lot of fun. This is us before the race. That was actually the first 5K I had run since high school ... I've been addicted to races ever since! There is just something about the cameraderie among people at races ... I just can't get enough!

This is a picture of one CRAZY night! San, me, Jessica, Pam and Ronit (from left to right) went out dancing at Rhythm, a club in Gainesville. We had far too much fun! San is now in New York City working in production, Jessica is in the Latin American Peace Corps, Pam is working for Merrill Lynch in Jacksonville, and Ronit is in medical school at the University of South Florida.

Amanda couldn't be there that night pictured above, I don't remember why. Here are the two of us at Grog House ... quite intoxicated, I might add. I have a picture of Amanda and our friend Erin doing the YMCA, but she would kill me if I put in on this site for everyone to see!

For my 19th birthday, all of my friends came to Orlando to visit me over the summer, and we all went to Disney World! My nickname is the Princess of Guam (don't ask!) so Jessica and Cyndi bought me a princess hat to wear around the park.

One of my favorite places to go is :08, a country line dancing bar. Ann and I go there almost every weekend! Both of us also teach a country aerobics class called Country Cardio. Yee haw! Ann owns a white cowboy hat, and I'm going to get a white one soon, too!

During my college career, I was actually an RA (Resident Assistant) in Broward Hall for one year. Ricardo and Adam (from left to right) were two of my favorite residents! Here we are hanging out in the lounge eating pizza, like we did most nights. Those boys tried to fatten me up!