Joseph is an honorary member of our family. Here we are at Joseph's high school graduation, way back in 1999. I'm on the left, and my sister Laurie is on the right. Joseph made it into the top ten of his class, which meant he got to speak during the ceremony. Pretty impressive! At my graduation, all I did was sit in my seat and wait until my name was called.

Here is my family on Thanksgiving my junior year at UF. My brother is on the far left, and standing next to him are my dad and my sister. The guy next to me is my friend Brian. He didn't have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving, so I invited him to join us, not thinking he would actually accept! Only kidding, Brian! This was the year my family lived in Georgia.

Here are my brother and sister, Laurie and Danny, right after Laurie's high school graduation. My brother is now 6'2", and my sister is a junior at FSU! They grow up so fast! Danny will graduate from high school this year, and then my parents will be on their own! Laurie is hoping to be a teacher one day, and Danny is an avid golfer. His high school team just won conference!

My sister and Kevin have been together since high school. I still remember when they went to pole vaulting camp at FSU their senior year, and they were just friends. They've been together ever since. Kevin goes to UF, and even though it's hard for them, they make the long distance work somehow. I approve, Laurie ... Kevin is a great guy!

When the three of us get together, watch out! This picture was taken when we lived in Georgia. We really didn't know anyone when we first moved there, so we had to stick together to stay sane. It actually snowed that Christmas!

Here are Willie and Stewart, our two cats at home. Willie is supposed to be my cat, but he's not friendly at all. He just hides all day! All Stewart wants to do is eat all day. Every time I come home, he meows to bring me in the laundry room ... where his food is!