This is the city that I live in now.

It's where I get to spend time by myself, concentrate on finishing school, and partake in
the fun things that I like to do. I love to excercise at the Student Rec. Center located on campus. It makes me feel healthy and less stressed. Besides going to the gym and eating healthy, while I'm here, I make sure I watch Oprah every day that I can. Besides my mother, she is a role model for me. She started out as a journalist, just as I am studying to become. She has all of the journalistic integrity that a person with power in the media should have. She is a humanitarian in the highest sense of the word. Her biggest goals are to help the world by educating and informing it, while at the same time entertaining. It is my goal to some day be able to help the world - and getting rich doing it wouldn't be so bad either.

I've changed my major four times since first starting college in 1996 - the year the Gators won their first national championship. When I first came here I started in business, then I changed to psychology, then to architecture, then to photojournalism. As of now, I hope to graduate next semester with a major in journalism, specializing in on-line media with a minor in business.
University of Florida

This is the professor who teaches the class that I am creating this web site for. You can learn more about him and this class by clicking on the following icon.
David Carlson

The following are some samples of the work
that I've done since majoring in journalism:
This is a copy of my resume that I designed myself.

This is a copy of my business card, also designed by me.

This is the first article I ever got published.

It was published in the Alligator - the UF newspaper.

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