This is me and my family all having lunch together at my parents' house in Jacksonville - a rare occasion. My Grandmother, Honey, is on the left. My brother is in the back with his ex-girlfriend. Justin and I are to the right of them, and my mom and dad are to the right. My parents just moved into this house two years ago and it is their pride and joy. They got to custom build it, as they had been working on it for three years before they moved in.
This is my grandmother, Honey.When she was young, her family used to call her Sunny, but her little sister couldn't pronounce her S's so she would call her Honey. The name just took and from then on everyone called her Honey.

This is a picture of my brother, Chris, when he was in elementary school.He is three years, to the month, younger than I am. Today he is 21 years old and still lives at home with my parents. He's taking classes at a community college in Jacksonville and will hopefully graduate in less time than it's taken me. His favorite things in the world are his car and motorcycle, both of which he's wrecked at least once.

This is a picture of my parents
before they had me and my brother.

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