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Survivor and Reyna at Birkenau My experience on the March of the Living 2000 was unforgettable. The people on my bus became my family. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced and we saw proof that the Holocaust DID happen. We were forced to reach deep into our souls to get rid of all superficialities and we succeeded. I feel lucky that I was able to participate on this trip. Now, nobody can say to me, "the Holocaust never happened."

It also gave me a further appreciation for life and the land of Israel. Although I previously valued both, being so close to death made me realize that life can end at any moment without warning. Furthermore, during the Holocaust many countries closed their doors to the Jews, but now that the state of Israel exists, a Jew will never be turned away.

The presence of a Holocaust survivor on every bus made the trip more meaningful. Through their personal experience, it was easier to relate to the horrors of the Holocaust. They survived and told their story. Now, it is our turn. Soon, the survivors will disappear and we'll be the ones left to tell their story. It is our duty to ensure NEVER AGAIN. You want to go, you need to go. There is no excuse not to. The resources are available for you.

APPLICATION: If you are a high school or college student, you are eligible to participate. To apply , simply fill out the proper application and you will receive further information. I hope you gain as much from this experience as I did.

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