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Arriving in Israel 5/07/2000
Arriving in Israel :
"In 1948, Israel was established as a Jewish nation. Before leaving Poland, everyone said that I will have a certain feeling arriving in Israel. Stepping down from the plane on to a soil that I can call my own was overwhelming. After coming from a place where we were persecuted, it was a relief to be in Israel. The people that surround me are mostly Jews, like me. Watching two of my friends wrapped around Israeli flags kissing the ground, while listening to my friends sing and dance in the middle of the airport was an incredible moment. We were finally allowed to be ourselves without being looked down upon. We were home.”

Survivor lighting a candle for fallen soldiers 5/08/2000
Yom HaZikaron:
“Today is Memorial Day in Israel. Standing in a memorial for fallen soldiers, we heard the siren go off throughout the nation. As I stood there in silence, I could hear people getting out of their cars to observe this moment. Because Israel constantly fights for its existence, its soldiers are an essential part of the country. In order to honor the courage of our young soldiers, we light candles in their memory. Today, the survivor on my bus lit a candle once again for the dead. This time, however, for those who died to preserve the state of Israel."

Yom Ha'Atzmaut 5/09/2000
Yom Ha’Atzmaut:
“Today is Israel’s Independence Day. It is a nationwide celebration. No matter where you are in Israel, on Yom Ha’Atzmaut, you will be covered in shaving cream from head to toe. The entire population of the March of the Living gathered at Caesarea to celebrate the birth of our nation. After eating a typical Israeli meal, we gathered in singing and dancing. A single language, Hebrew, united 7,000 Jewish people worldwide. The fact that we were all together as one regardless of our differences proves the unity of our people. We are living flesh that the Nazis couldn’t destroy us. We are here to represent Judaism.”

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