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Get Carded is a student run campaign that promotes organ and tissue donation awareness on university campuses.
Currently there are Get Carded organizations at UCF, UF and USF.

Educational Day
Kim and I tabling in Turlington Plaza to send out the Get Carded message to UF students.

What is Donation?
Donation is considered an act of human kindness in keeping with teachings of major religions.

Donor Card
During our April 2002 campaign, we had over 75 people sign this giant donor card.

Facts About Donation

  • FACT: Signing an organ card or putting ‘organ donor’ on a license does not make a person an organ donor. At the time of death, the legal next of kin assumes responsibility for the remains of his/her loved ones who then makes the ultimate decision.
  • FACT: Signing a donor card will not affect the quality of medical care patients receive in a hospital.
  • FACT: Most religions support and consider donation an act of charity.
  • FACT: Organs can not be sold. It is against the law to buy or sell human organs and tissues in the United States.
  • FACT: Race is not a barrier; it is not a criterion for organ placement.
  • FACT: As many as 100 people can benefit from one tissue donor.
  • FACT: The only true way a person can become an organ and tissue donor is to talk with his or her families and share their wishes.
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