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Here are a few samples of pieces I've writen for school. If you want to read the full article, feel free to E-mail me.

Journalism - Features

Whatever it Takes

The hot steam from the cappuccino machine wet her forehead. The smell of espresso rose into her nostrils and permeated her clothes. One more hour and her shift would be over. Then she could go home, shower the coffee smell off her body and finally meet up with her friends.

While her friends had fun on the Ft. Lauderdale beaches, Katherine DelGesso filled cappuccino cups for hurried commuters on their way to work. She knew by the end of summer she would be exhausted, but she hoped to have enough money by then to pay for a substantial amount of the cost of her trip to London.

Next summer will be much better, she thought as she hung up her apron and clocked out. DelGesso planned to spend a summer at Richmond University in London with a program through the American Institute for Foreign Studies. She would finally realize her dream of seeing a castle.

DelGesso, 20, had been planning this trip since the spring semester of her freshman year and was spending her life's savings on the $5,000 six-week program.

Literary Journalism

Sean's Story

It happened almost a year ago. December. The end of the semester. People were frantic studying for finals. Christmas shopping. End-of-the-year parties. Sean was done with all his stuff and looked forward to the needed rest the winter break would provide. Jeff had been calling steadily for two weeks. Every couple of days or so. It seemed almost timed. Always on his cell phone.

"Did you ever find out about those 60 pills?" he asked every time.

"I'll see what I can do," Sean said.

No more was usually said but that night the conversation was a bit longer. That was the night when Sean needed $200 to pay the bills. He needed to cover his roommate's share of the mortgage payment to the four-bedroom apartment he shared with his sister and two others. He wouldn't have done it if he didn't need the cash.

"Let me call my guy and I'll get back to you," Sean said.

"They are for my friend actually. She keeps asking me about them."

It all sounded very shady to him. This was no longer doing a favor for a friend. Jeff was asking for a lot of drugs. Drugs Sean could easily get.

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