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This page intends to introduce a few aspects of my country, Romania. Unfortunately, not many electronic resources are available on the Web. However, I promise some cool links.

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Location:Southeastern Europe

Neighbors:Ukraine (N), Republic of Moldavia (NE), Black Sea (SE), Bulgaria (S), Croatia (SW), Hungary (NW)

Topography:plains, hills, mountains, sea, Danube delta

Weather:It can get very hot in summer, and very cold and snowy in winter. Spring and autumn are gorgeous. Low humidity.

Population:About 24 million people, of which 90 percent Romanians and 10 percent ethnic minorities (Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Russians, Gipsies, Turks, etc.)

Language:Romanian (Latin origin; yes, yes, letters are just like the English ones!) and minority languages

Religion:dominantly Christian Orthodox

Administration:41 counties and 1 municipality (capital Bucharest)


  • Head of State: President Ion Iliescu
  • Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by Prime Minister Adrian Nastase

Legislative:bicameral Parliament (Senate and Deputy Chamber) elected for 4 years

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