kassi and beth
Here are Kassi and Beth, two of my closest girlfriends.
British Beth is awesome! She's from London,
if you didn't guess, and she's very savvy.
She's the president of PRSSA and will be
a great person to know one day because
she'll definitely be running things!

hot boys
Now, those are some good looking boys!
These are a bunch of Ryan's good buddies.
This was taken at his graduation party,
Christmas of 2001. I couldn't be at the
party, but it looks like they had a good time!


Here's my roomate Brandy. She's
really cool. She's from the same area as Ryan and we worked
together all summer. We just moved in together
this semester. She'll be my last college roomate!

Happy Birthday!

And here's a last look. This was taken last summer
when we celebrated Ryan's 24th birthday. We're at
this restaurant named "Paulie's," which is our
absolute favorite local restaurant. It's an old
fish camp and looks sort of scary from the outside,
but it is fabulous!

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