My friends rock! We've had lots of great times together.
Check out some of the people who add excitement to my life!

This is my best friend Kassi and I at Spring Break back in the day. Kassi is so much
fun! We've been to several Spring Break destinations together ever since 1998.
She just graduated though, so no more Spring Breaks for her!

Here are Ryan and I on vacation in Orlando.
This trip was so much fun!
We went to Orlando to celebrate his mom and his birthdays.
We went to basically every theme park in Disney,
ate at several wonderful restaurants and were
lucky enough to be treated to Cirque de Soile.
The show was by far my favorite part of the trip.

Here is part of the crew at the wedding of our friends,
Chris and Lisa. The wedding was in Amelia Island,Fla., a place
I have spent a lot of my time in the last two years. It's a small
island about 45 minutes north of Jacksonville. My beau, Ryan,
lives there in a great condo on the beach.

And there's still more pictures, check them out...
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