I have a wonderful family. Unfortunately, I wish
I could see them more often. I also consider my
boyfriend's family as my own. They have been so nice to
for the past two years that Ryan and I have been together.
Take a peek into the lives of my family members.

This is my little sister, Taylor, and one of my
mom's horses. This was taken when she was abut
four years old. She's eight now,but I just love
this picture so much that I had to include it!


Here's Taylor and my brother, Forrest, and his wife,
Tara, when they were expecting their baby boy.
This photo was taken at their baby shower. Notice
the matching tye-dyed shirts!

Here is my beautiful mother, Ali, and once again my
little sis', Taylor. They got all dolled up and had
some fun at Glamour Shots.

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