The Manifest

The Genesis of Black Brazilian Cinema
or "Dogma Feijoada"

Jeferson De
By Jeferson De*
  1. The movie must be directed by a black Brazilian filmmaker;
  2. The main character must be a black person;
  3. The subject of the movie must be connected to Brazilian black culture;
  4. The production should have an executable schedule;
  5. Stereotyped characters - either black or not - are forbidden;
  6. Super-heroes or villains should be avoided;
  7. The script should favor the Brazilian common black person.
Brazil, November 1999

*Jeferson De is a filmmaker and ideologue of the Dogma Feijoada Manifest.
He directed the short movies “One, One, One” (1995), “Genesis 22” (1999)
and “Distracted to the Death” (2001), the first 'Feijoada' representative work.
Currently, he is working on his first long movie, “A Day”. The screenplay was
selected by the Sundance Screenplay Lab.

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