It's Great to be a Gator!

"It's Gator Game day, you know what that means...
Nothing fancy, just t-shirt and jeans.
With a ticket in your pocket and a little floppy flask,
Getting to the game is the only real task.
The stands are full of rowdy fans,
The orange and blue crowd knows the master plans.
Whether were winning or losing
we'll always be a boozin'
So grab a beer,and don't be a hator...
'Cause it's great to be a Florida Gator!

Some of my favorite college experiences have been on Gator football Game days! Whether it's with my roommates, boyfriends, or sorority sisters I always have a great time in the Swamp! My roommate and I made up the poem above one game day and I thought it was perfect for this section to show my Gator spirit. If you haven't been to a Florida game, then you are missing out on some good times! Not only is the stadium packed with fans, but there is a line up and down University Ave. of orange and blue fans waiting to celebrate. I have spent many game days in different places around Gainseville and no matter where I go the best place to watch the game is always back in the Swamp! Whether it is raining or 90 degrees outside nothing beats the cheering from the fans after a touchdown or interception or first down or anything else the team could possible do! My parents taught me the old Florida fight song when I was real young (they are alumns.) and I still get excited singing it today!

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