Why you should travel to Europe...

My most memorable experience traveling would have to be my trip to Europe in the summer of 2000. I went with a group of friends from high school and we traveled to five different places. In a period of about sixteen days we went to Paris, London, Rome, Florence, and Switzerland. Each place left an amazing impression on me and I can't wait until the day I go back to visit! parisThe first place we flew into was Rome...oh the Spanish Steps!! The shopping in Rome was the best. They had tons and tons of little shops along little streets for blocks and blocks. Not to mention the history, the amount of ancient architecture there was amazing, we have nothing like that in the U.S. Rome was almost me favorite place. Another place we went was Paris, as I am sure you could tell from the picture at left. I was not to impressed with Paris, it was a big city that had a lot of the same stores that I would find in New York. However I did find my favorite bottle of perfum there at a special Fraggonard Perfume shop. We also traveled to Florence and Switerland. I had to many wonderful pictures to pick which ones
Tate Modern from those places to include, so I didn't do any. However, Swizterland was my favorite spot. It was so clean and fresh, with an awesome lake to sun bath at, some of the best fondue I have ever tasted, and mountain tops that took my breath away! Two of my friends and I sat at the top of a mountain for hours one afternoon barely talking, just relaxing. It was definetly an experience!

Finally our last stop was London, my absolute favorite part of London was the Tate Modern Musuem. Granted, I only spent three days there, but this Musuem was definetly something not to miss. It gives a whole new perspective to art the underground and it is what really got my interested. Prior to this experience I had not been to any major art musuems and now I find myself wanting to go to even the small town gallery shows! London also indtroduced me to the "underground." The Underground is the term they use for their subway system, which I had never rode. Coming from a smaller town in Florida the subway system was definetly an experience. It smelt awlful and everyone pushes and shoves at each stop. However, I did collect many souvenirs with the "underground" theme on it.

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