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are you too good for your home? as if you actually care who i am... these bands rock (get it?) so, they actually published me for some reason send me some hate mail, please
Me Then...

This will get you caught up from birth to college. I'll try to cut out the boring stuff...

5373 Miles Court good thing I got cuter... I was born in the house you see here. 5373 Miles Court, Woodbridge, Va. to be precise. And yes, I said in it. I decided I couldn’t wait for my mom to get to the hospital so I was delivered by my dad in their bed. An ambulance finally showed up, having driven through a lot of snow. To keep me warm, they wrapped me in aluminum foil (like a baked potato) and carried me in a laundry basket. This is what I looked like when I finally got to the hospital.


AWwwwwww.... This is me on my first birthday. I spent it in a hotel room because we moved to Florida on my first birthday. I don't remember it at all so it doesn't really matter where I spent my birthday. I seem to be having a good time. My sister, Irene, is in the background. Irene's three years older than I am and yet she always insisted on being in pictures of me. So there aren't too many photos that don't have her mug right along side of mine.



All dressed up... While my sister was at gymnastics, I was in a "tumbling" class. The name is very true to what went on. We tumbled around on the ground. But we did it in crazy looking costumes, at least for the recitals. There is an awesome video of me attempting to do cartwheels all the way across a stage that accompanies the picture. I guess you'll have to come over if you want to see it, though.



Ack! It's Jared! Jared was born when I was seven back in '88. He was a huge kid and had bright red hair. We liked to call him Jay Z, long before the rapper with the same moniker. He's grown into his frame and his hair is dirty blonde now. He's going to the same middle school as I attended and reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. Except that his voice is lower than mine is now. That's weird.



Can you believe she dated me? So then nothing happened for a few years. This is a homecoming picture from my sophomore year in high school. The hottie on my arm is Kate. She was my first real girlfriend back in middle school. We had an on-again/off-again relationship for a few years. She ended up being Valedictorian of our school and is going to the College of William and Mary in Virginia. The great thing is that we are still friends, even if we hardly ever get to see each other.



My high school sweetheart Jen and I dated the majority of our junior and senior years in high school. She was definitely my high school sweetheart. We both wanted to be engineers and we both really wanted to go to Georgia Tech. I changed my mind and came to UF and she didn't, so that effectively killed the relationship. But like Kate, we're still friends and I go up to Atlanta fairly often to hang out with her.



ConGRADulations to me! And then I graduated. I earned my high school diploma along with my International Baccalaureate diploma. I've got a bunch of chords around my neck along with a National Honor Society sash because I was actually active and smart in high school. Too bad that went out the window soon after this picture was taken. Oh well, my high school studying is paying for college now, so I guess its not that big of a deal.