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are you too good for your home? as if you actually care who i am... these bands rock (get it?) so, they actually published me for some reason send me some hate mail, please
Me Now...

Here's the story since I got to college...

Phi Sigma Pi Coat of Arms I got up to UF and immediately decided to live in an apartment rather than a dorm, which was a mistake. I met absolutely no one. After a semester I rushed Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and finally found my niche. Phi Sig is a co-ed fraternity full of awesome people who just happen to have decent GPAs. Nearly everyone I hang out with now is in Phi Sig or I know them through a brother. Oh yeah, that's our coat of arms to the left.



The Naked Cowboy and Me I absolutely love going on road trips. I go to Atlanta and hang out at Georgia Tech a lot. I've been to two Falcons games there this season alone. I also went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans last year and plan on going back. Then there was the trip in an RV to Tennessee to see the Gators whoop up on the Vols. This picture is of the Naked Cowboy and me in Time Square in New York City. That actually wasn't a road trip since I flew there, but it was awesome nonetheless. I stayed there a week and now I need to move to Manhattan for a while.


My Ping Pong Story I was a mechanical engineering major for two years. I didn't really like it but I didn't know what else I might want to do. I finally decided to switch into journalism with a concentration in online media. Jaws always drop when I tell people I went from engineering to journalism. It's a pretty drastic change, I guess. I like my major so much better now. I got a story published this summer in the Alligator. Hopefully I will start writing more sports stories when I get more time.



What an Old School pennant! I'm a huge Buccaneers fan. You know I'm not a fair-weather fan too because I have this orange pennant up on my wall. I've been through the horrible years and the good ones too. And I'm just waiting for our year to win it all. It better come soon. You hear that Gruden? As in VERY soon. Our defense is once again awesome, but we still don't have an offense. Maybe we can win it with just our defense like the Ravens a few years back.



Michael, Pico, and Coop These are my roomies. Its Michael, Pico, and Cooper from left to right. We live in Greenwich Green in a 3 bedroom apartment. Pico is my year old Chihuahua. Cooper is strangling him because Pico likes to eat Cooper's stuff and use his bedroom for a bathroom. Pico is pretty dumb like that. They are standing in front of our foosball table. It is the centerpiece of the apartment and is used almost nightly. We're fiends, what can I say.