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are you too good for your home? as if you actually care who i am... these bands rock (get it?) so, they actually published me for some reason send me some hate mail, please These are some bands that are pretty cool. They aren't necessarily the most popular groups but they are producing better music than *NSYNC and Limp Bizkit could ever create. And as they say on Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it. Clink on the link or the album cover to go to the artists' Websites and you can listen to a bit of their music for yourself.

Jar of clayJars of Clay Jars of Clay has been my favorite band since middle school. I've seen them in concert 13 times (three on the most recent tour), I've met them four times, and I own six T-shirts (three autographed), all of their albums and a bunch of rare singles. I could tell you why they are the best band lyrically and musically, but you might as well find out for yourself.

Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World is actually becoming pretty popular these days. They have pop-rock sound with passionate vocals and emo lyrics. Their last album, Bleed American (or Jimmy Eat World, depending on whether you got it before or after 9/11) is one of those albums you listen to all the way through and don't even think about skipping forward a track. It's that good.

Pete Yorn I discovered Pete's music after watching him perform on The Tonight Show and The Late, Late Show on consecutive nights a few years ago. He's such an honest musician who puts his music before any fame he may get. He's pretty shy and so he doesn’t come off well in interviews but he seems to be a nice guy. He also puts on a really good concert even while chugging Jack Daniels.

Jack Johnson Jack started out as a pro surfer. Then he made a couple of surfing movies. Then he made an album. I don't even think he meant to gain any popularity out of it. His songs are mostly his vocals, his guitar, and some bongos and bass every now and then. His music is so simple and yet I can't get enough of his voicec and guitar.